Music Teacher
and Performer

Welcome to My New Website!

It’s been a busy time recently updating my website with a view to building a connection with people aspiring to learn to play electronic keyboard and piano.

I will be posting video demonstrations, music scores and lesson plans to help beginners and more advanced students to develop their skills.

Through blogging and video uploads I am hoping to take my teaching to the next level by providing both students and subscribers with video demos, lessons, tips and advice on playing electronic keyboard and rock and pop piano.

Playing a musical instrument to a competent standard is a journey which has many stages but I will show you that within a few short steps it is possible for anyone to make music from a keyboard that will sound pleasurable and authentic both to the performer and the listener.

Modern electronic keyboards have built in instrumental sounds and styles that make even the most basic melodies come to life. I will explain through my posts and supporting materials on how to take advantage of these features to enhance your performances.