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Choosing the right basic keyboard for a beginner

For a parent looking to invest in a musical instrument for their child an electronic keyboard is one of the most cost effective and rewarding you can buy.

For less than £100 a basic model can offer all the necessary features for a beginner to make music straight away.

In my experience though the quality of the keys and the action of the keyboard need to be of a reasonable standard to build up the student’s technique so for this reason I would recommend Yamaha & Casio models only.

All their models have a piano voice/tone setting perfect for a student wanting to learn the basic of piano without the parents having to think about buying a full sized one.

For keyboard students the voice/tone (played with the right hand) can be easily changed to offer a multitude of traditional and modern instruments.

The accompaniment section (played with the left hand) turns the notes into chords that combine with the styles/rhythms which provide a backing to the performance. These styles are popular and recognisable rhythms from all over the world.

My lesson plans are designed to get even very young students playing straight away with both hands in time with the beat and using the features of the keyboard.

I’ve listed here the best four models from Yamaha and Casio and their features for people to compare.

Keyboards under £150

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